The FOX FRIENDS Loyalty card is created to reward your purchases as we value your loyalty.

How do I become a FOX FRIENDS Cardholder?
To become a FOX FRIENDS cardholder you simply need to visit any FOX Kids & Baby physical store and submit your information to the cashier.  You will receive your card on the spot and you will be able to accumulate points with any purchase you make.

How it works
It is quite simple. If you are shopping from any FOX Kids & Baby physical shop just present your FOX FRIENDS Loyalty card to the cashier at the time of your purchase and automatically add points to your card based on your current purchase. If you are shopping from our Online shop ( simply add your Fox Bonus Card number at the specified field during Checkout and we will add your points to your card.

How to accumulate Points
For every €1 of purchases you earn 1 point to your Loyalty card.

You get a €5 discount for every 100 points redeemed

Points                   100         200         300         400         500        
Discount               €5           €10           €15          €20          €25        

Redemption Policy
Loyalty points can be redeemed at any of our FOX Kids & Baby physical stores. They cannot be redeemed via our Online shop. You can start redeeming points after you have accumulated 100 points.  The total number of points acquired can be redeemed alone or with the combination of cash any time you wish to so.  There is also no expiration date for the points you accumulate so you can redeem anytime you wish.

Points can also be redeemed during Sale periods and Special Offers.

Case of Loss
In case you lose your card, all you have to do is report the loss to your nearest FOX Kids & Baby physical store. We will, in turn, issue another card for you, which will of course carry all the points you already have accumulated on your lost card.

We promise a pleasant and lovely shopping experience!